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    .     sie hoeren einen ausschnitt aus der neuen cd: funny thing   den titel 7:  funny thing .

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  .  song 1: leoparden im kopf  .song 5 : you worldwide     song 16 : 1 o´clock 

   song 2 : wirtschaftswunder    song 6 : are you happy 

 song 8 : career  

  song 13 : drums and voices   

    song 3 : far clear    

 song 4 : urlaub   

song 18 : hoer auf  

song 10 : nackt   

song 9 : solarworld  

song 12 : talking  

song 15 : gogo   

 song 11: here we are        text and music, production, vocals and instruments by carlo haebe .


 collection     sammlung    art print from carlo haebe.  prince   linolschnitt.                                                                                        

portrait of audrey hepburn   portrait of tanja stein   

   guitar player cover

 privat love marry- fish and sex art,

 sex and the city, fish and sex 2fish and sex 3  links rechts

   lion-cat   taormina1 vatican-romafan2  

 fan15   fan16   fan18    fan19 fan17.art portrait of valeria coronel , ecuador, traveling italy, firence,. 


 art portrait of claudia kleinert. ard wetter fee.


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